About Szabo

My name is Tristan Szabo Culbert and I’ve wanted to make films since I was eight years old. Hook Arts Media has given me a great opportunity to make my own 20-minute film that I wrote and directed. This program, Digital Connections, has not only trained me with the skills to work in the industry but most importantly networking to gain employment. I’m very thankful that Hook Arts Media accepted me to be one of the fellows, it has become one of the many experiences that shaped me as a person.


Tristan "Szabo" Culbert

My Experience

Hook Arts Media
Digital Connections Film Fellow, 2019

Hook Arts Media
In Transition: Media Teaching Assistant, Fall 2019

Media Makers, 2019

Hook Arts Media
In Transition: Media Student, Spring 2019

Roee Messinger

Digital Connections Program Manager / Hook Arts Media

An encyclopedia of film references, Szabo is a natural-born filmmaker.