About Kato

I am an 18-year-old media artist/cinematographer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. In High School, I focused on film & media and went to the Brooklyn STEAM Center, where I was introduced to the Digital Connections program. Already having a passion for making my own music and videos, I knew this was the next step in my career towards filming. After rigorous hands-on work and training, I began the production of my first short film. While it has been hard work, nothing beats the satisfaction seeing your work play smoothly on the screen; That’s when you realize all the hard work was worth it.



McGregor "Kato" Gomes

My Experience

Hook Arts Media
Digital Connections Film Fellow, 2019



East Brooklyn Community High School
Filmmaking Teaching Assistant, 2019

Roee Messinger

Digital Connections Program Manager / Hook Arts Media

Overflowing with talent, Mcgregor has an eye for aesthetics on camera and an ear for rhythm and tone in the editing room.