About A. Prince

Born July 6th, 2001, A. Prince Edwards (He/Him/His) is Video Editor and Filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up within the concrete jungle, Prince is no stranger to the various issues that the city presents including hardships such as homelessness, gentrification, as well as discrimination against minorities of various races, genders, and sexualities. From his film “Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness”, a brief yet relevant dive into the current state of immigration within New York City, to Solo, a semi-animated film about a young man trying to get his body back from a paranormal spirit from a different realm, Prince Edwards’ work often
features unique lenses into the lives of others along with the issues they deal with on a physical and social level. Recently, Prince has delved more into the technological aspect of digital media, and has honed in on pioneering methods of storytelling that combine already established formats of expression within film, photography, and video editing and rehashing them in a new light.